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Temperature inversion creates clouds above the Canyons - time lapse video via Paul Lettieri

Reddit user Dana Keller has brought color to historical times and people with these iconic photos.

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This app, AppSeed, allows you to go from a basic sketch to a functional prototype with simply a snap from your iPhone camera.

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Ever wonder what it’s like to soar through the mountains? Experience it here via this eagle’s point of view.

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Swedish artist Linnea Strid uses oil paints to create these unbelievably realistic paintings

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Who doesn’t love a good NYC time-lapse video?! The Seventh Movement brings this awesome time-lapse, titled “Rumble and Sway.”

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One London flat owner has created maximum space in their home by creating a suspended bedroom. This includes a large skylight for a look at the night sky while laying in bed.

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Artist Pedro Reyes turns decommissioned weapons into musical instruments, programmed and operated by computers.

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