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Who doesn’t love a good NYC time-lapse video?! The Seventh Movement brings this awesome time-lapse, titled “Rumble and Sway.”

(Source: vimeo.com)

One London flat owner has created maximum space in their home by creating a suspended bedroom. This includes a large skylight for a look at the night sky while laying in bed.

(Source: jjlocations.com)

Artist Pedro Reyes turns decommissioned weapons into musical instruments, programmed and operated by computers.

(Source: enpundit.com)

Japanese artist Tomoko Konoike uses broken mirrors to create this incredible six-legged wolf.

(Source: enpundit.com)

This completely green car brings driving convenience to wheelchair users.

(Source: kengurucars.com)

South African artist Andrew Van Der Merwe creates these sand drawings with meticulous calligraphy techniques.

(Source: enpundit.com)

Photographer, Ye Rin Mok, captures a new trend in home decor which she labels as “Acid Modernism.” These rooms, adorned in stained glass fixtures, wooden pieces and natural accessories, are a new take on modern design.

(Source: yerinmok.com)

Adding to Diddo’s engaging collection of art projects, this skull called for a visit to a laboratory in order to create the piece’s material matter: street source compression molded cocaine and gelatin.

(Source: bydiddo.com)

Happy Eggs uses organic, sustainable hay to replace the traditional foam packaging of eggs. An amazing alternative, this packaging is cheap and an easy means of production.

(Source: behance.net)

The first of their kind, the RVNDSN watch is built using the latest in 3D rapid-prototyping technology. Made of Italian stainless steel and leather, each watch is hand assembled and unique. 

(Source: heldth.com)