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Northumbria University graduate, Henry Franks, was awarded for her collection of re-imagined everyday objects including an inverted set of mugs, double-hooked coat hangers and pen pots.


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Architects challenge the belief that Legos are just for kids with these amazing designs. 

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The “stereo radiophonograph” Brionvega RR126 was designed in 1965 by the famous Milan-born designer and architect Achille Castiglioni, whose other works can be seen in the most important museums around the world. 

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It’s locomotive playtime for kids + a relaxing mini back massage for Daddy! 
Perfect for father-son playtime! 

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Coexisting with the forest became a key principle for this sustainable home by K2 Designs. The house is raised off the ground on pillars saving trees from harm during its construction. 

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A process called sand washing, these incredible photos capture an annual process in which 30 million tons of silt are pushed downstream in China’s Yellow River to clear sediment buildup. 

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This Russian ice cave, formed by a stream that flows through the Mutnovsky volcano, appears like stained glass with its almost transparent ceiling. 

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Photos detailing the construction process of our most impressive landmarks provide for greater appreciation for the labor involved in their creation.

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You don’t have to be an astronaut to view Earth’s beauty from the sky! These 55 photos of Earth’s finest masses were taken from various satellites in space.

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